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Salt Water Conditioning

The salt conditioning system does to soil what rain water has been doing to soil for Millennia. It basically washes salts out the soil by means of a process called leaching into deeper root zones or back into the underground water.

The soil remediation process can treat irrigation water with high salt (Nacl) content and the system comes in 50 m3/h flow rate increments.

This process will mitigate the effect that the saline water has on plants, roots and soil structure to prevent solidification or densification.


  • Low power consumption
  • Almost zero waste
  • Low running cost - cost per m3 = cents
  • Low maintenance
  • Chemical free
  • No fine filters that can block
  • Simple to operate
  • Small footprint
  • Side stream system
  • No tanks required
  • One pump system
  • Low pressure equipment - safe to operate
  • Cost effective to purchase
  • Only runs when irrigation runs
  • Can stand for long period if not in use
  • No issue with conforming to regulations w.r.t concentrated salt in waste water
  • High flow rate