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Wastewater Treatment

After many years of treating wastewater with our combination of old school underground septic and conservancy tanks, clever plumbing and mechanical know how, we felt a need to respond to the demand for a packaged solution, so we embarked on combining all the parts and processes of our successful wastewater treatment plants into one ‘plug & play’ unit, and make this available to South Africa in a fully modular packaged wastewater treatment plant, off-the-shelf and ready to install.

Our technical team together with industry experts are proud to release the latest combination of technologies in wastewater management for domestic and industrial use.


  • Completely plug & play, modular wastewater treatment plant
  • Flow-rates from 1kL/day – 400kL/day
  • Domestic plants from 4 people to 12 people (garden cottages to large homes)
  • Commercial/industrial custom designed systems up to 2000 people
  • Manufactured using virgin LLDPE
  • 100% recyclable
  • Re-use every drop for irrigation, dust suppression, toilet flushing and many other applications
  • Treats combined grey and black “whole house” effluent
  • The tank manufacturer is SABS ISO 9001 2017 accredited
  • Discharge parameters meet and exceed DWS general standards
  • Below ground, above ground, containerised for export
  • Biological (AR, MBBR and RAS) process
  • Ideal for remote estates, rural schools, clinics, hospital and urban developments
  • No municipal sewer connection available? No problem
  • Cost effective and efficient and solar compatible
  • Access to sanitation is a right, not a luxury