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Organic Color Removal

Color in water is the yellow tint in water that is originating from soil and decomposing plant matter. It is the ‘tea’ color that is often visible in surface or river water and mainly consists of natural organic matter and tannins in the water. If the color is under 15 Pt-Co units, it is usually not visible to the naked eye. Color in water is generally not a health concern on its own and is mostly removed due to aesthetic reasons. If organics are present in the water it could stain laundry, add an unwanted taste to the water and cause bacteria growth due to the nutrients in the water. Another concern with having high organics in the water is the formation of by-products (Dbp’s) due to the use of disinfection products like chlorine.

Purozone has a lot of experience in the designing of color removal from water systems for various industries and applications. Color removal is generally not needed for irrigation purposes as the organics is actually beneficial for plants and soil but it needs to be removed before disinfection processes and reverse osmosis processes. We have many different ways of removing color from water where flocculation, settling and filtration is the most popular way of removal. We have inline flocculation systems as well as batch timed plc controlled systems for this purpose.