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Water Media Filtration

Purozone has one of the widest ranges of water filtration media in the market and with almost 20 years of experience and knowledge we know how to utilize them for maximum efficiency. Some water filtration medias are unique to Purozone and we are continuously testing and developing new medias. Our water purification systems are designed by using the engineering guidelines and specifications set out by the media manufacturers.

The medias that we do ranges from iron and manganese removal medias, activated carbons, selective resins, mixed resins, activated glass medias, bio medias, fine filtration medias, neutralization medias, bacteria removal medias and many more. We also have vast experience in selecting the appropriate media based on the water quality and in what combination or order they will be most effective.

Purozone can also assist with the selection of the correct vessel or holder for the media for example low pressure vessels, high pressure vessels, steel vessels, fibreglass vessels, deep bed media vessels, high flow media vessels, upflow clarifier media vessels, gravity vessels etc.