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Water Sterilization

Purozone has built and designed many water sterilization systems through the years that basically fall into two categories. The first category is chemical based solutions which consist of specially engineered chemicals like peroxides, chlorine dioxide, bacteriostatic mineral based chemicals, chlorines etc.

The second category is chemical free solutions which we pride ourselves in having one of the largest chemical free ranges of technologies in the market. Some of these technologies include ozone, uv, special media, electrolysis etc. that can be used on small scale or large scale water and wastewater plants.

We sterilize water mainly for the following applications: Treated wastewater, treated effluent, dam water remediation, seawater sterilization, cooling tower water sterilization, washing of fruit, agricultural irrigation, ground and surface water sterilization for drinking, algae removal and many more. The correct solution is selected by us based on the customers’ requirements and specifications whether it is low or no residual needed, solar, remote or low power applications or any application where special material consideration is applicable.