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Water Quality Monitoring

From lakes and streams to coastal waters and estuaries, farms, commercial buildings, and homes, water quality monitoring is a critical practice carried out in countries across the globe. Monitoring water quality provides the objective evidence necessary to make sound decisions on managing water quality today and in the future. Water-quality monitoring is used to alert us to current, on-going, and emerging problems; to determine non-compliance with drinking water standards, and to protect crops, livestock, equipment, and processes.

With 70% of untreated industrial waste dumped straight into water systems, pollution management is a must. Governments, communities, and businesses are required to meet a range of water quality goals. Monitoring data is used to determine whether or not pollution regulations are being complied with.

Purozone offers a wide range of water quality monitoring controllers and sensors to the industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic markets. These solutions can monitor, control and log data for various processes.